UCI Track World Cup - Glasgow

Last weekend saw us down in Glasgow from the Friday evening, I had bought Anna and I tickets to the UCI Track Cycling World Cup at the Sir Chris Hoy velodrome. We were attending the Saturday evening session and of course I was keen to have the camera with me to capture the action.

The last time I was in the velodrome was a good few years ago now, I was along to watch my club-mates in Lomond Roads CC. They had the track booked out and it was fantastic to be able to wander around the centre area and out onto the track as I wished. This was all before I had the cameras I now own, my phone was all I had that day!

Unfortunately on this visit I was restricted to the stands, I was however pleasantly surprised at being allowed to wander about with the camera. As long as I was not obstructing anyone's view or had the camera over the barrier no-one was bothering with where the spectators were throughout the evening.

The racing was scheduled to start at 19:00 with a finish between 21:30 and 22:00, this was obviously dependent on how the racing progressed. Our events for the evening included the following:

Women’s sprint (semi-finals, finals and ceremony)
Men’s keirin (round 2, finals and ceremony)
Men’s points (final and ceremony)
Women’s Madison (final and ceremony)

I was wondering whether or not cameras such as the ones (yes I had two with me) I had would actually be allowed, it was something I need not have worried about and as it turned out I wasn't the only one there with DSLR's...

The photos do follow the order of the racing set out above, so without further ado here are my final picks from the evenings racing:

Warm Up Session

Women's Sprint

Men's Keirin - Round 2

Men's Points Race

Men's Keirin - Final

Woman's Madison