The Scottish International Airshow

I realise that I’ve not been keeping up with this blog of late - the recent lapse has, unfortunately, been due to a complete lack of time to be out taking any photographs!

Anyway, I’m finally managing to sit down and write up my latest entry - after seeing The Blades carry out their aerobatic display at Peterhead during Scottish Week, and thoroughly enjoying capturing it on camera, I decided that a trip to Ayr to watch The Scottish International Airshow would be a nice day out.

OV-10 Bronco

As I researched the itinerary for the Scottish Airshow I noted that there were various options for photographers, special passes were available that allowed access to the best viewing spots and one that also included access to the parked aircraft at Prestwick Airport. Initially I was really keen to buy one of available passes but sadly, in the end, I didn’t buy one which was a shame as I had hoped to take advantage of the ultimate pass - with Sebastian just a few weeks old I wasn’t sure if I’d even manage down to Ayr to see anything far less make full use of a 2 day pass!

P51 Mustang - 'Miss Helen'

As it turned out my dad and I were able to take advantage of a few free hours and arrived in Ayr just after the air displays had started at 1300 on the Saturday. As we approached the beach we watched the B25 Mitchell, P51 Mustang and OV-10 Bronco fly overhead as they flew out over the Clyde. My main interest for the airshow was to see the WW2/Historic aircraft, with the main attraction the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. I was therefore happy to see that I hadn’t missed any of these displays - although I would have loved to have seen the Typhoon. We also had to leave at 1500 (not long after the rain started) so I didn't manage to see any of the Battle of Britain flight - I'm not sure if it even flew as we watched The Blades in the slot when we expected to see the Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster.

B25 Mitchell - 'Sarinah'

The only slight damper on the Saturday was the weather, the forecast wasn’t looking ideal for standing on a beach far less standing on a beach while photographing moving aircraft!! The day did start out a bit more promising than I was expecting - it was dry…

Arriving in Ayr it had remained dry with a slightly brighter sky than what we had left in Glasgow but unfortunately the sky was an dull iron grey and really quite hazy with the low cloud - this was only fully realised as the aircraft flew out over the Clyde and disappeared for brief moments in the clouds.

de Havilland Vampire - Norwegian Airforce Historical Squadron

These photos are the select few - out of nearly 1500 (taken over a 1 hour period!) - that survived the cull, with tricky conditions I’m happy that I have more then 2 or 3 that are worth keeping.

Nanchang CJ6

I think that next year I’ll be buying a pass and hopefully the weather will be a little kinder!